Month: May 2016

Image via Instagram. Credit: @missguided

Trend to try- all beige everything.

The views expressed in this post are of my own, and are not reflected by the Tertangala or the University of Wollongong. Beige seems to be the trend du jour. From matte coffin nails, lipsticks, naked dresses, heels (lace up stilettos, of course), everyone’s paring it back for that barely-there shade..

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jarryd haryne

Who else has swapped sports?

  Days ago, former Parramatta star, Jarryd Hayne announced he would be trading in his NFL dream for a new one – to play in the Olympics. Hayne has now been named to play for Fiji in this weekend’s , where Fiji will play England, Wales and Australia, as well.

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What are drugs really doing to us?

There is a negative stigma around recreational drugs. We have been taught they’re bad as they’re illegal, and we have heard lots of stories about people overdosing. But what are the real effects they’re having on our bodies? I have researched the top 4 recreationally used drugs and their effects on.

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