8 Killed in Czech Republic Shooting

A man has opened fire within a pub in a south-eastern Czech Republic town at around lunchtime, killing eight people and injuring several others.

The man, believed to be 62 years old, entered the Druzba pub in the small town of Uhersky Brod, reportedly carrying two weapons. He then opened fire on the occupants of the diner The Guardian has reported.

A spokesman for the police has confirmed the shooting.

Many reports claim that the gunman took his own life after the shooting, however officials have not officially confirmed this.

Policemen have however confirmed that the gunman “has already been subdued”.

A witness, within the pub’s toilets at the time of the shooting, has stated that there were at least 20 people were in the pub.

Several people were reportedly wounded in the shooting, and one woman is in a serious condition.

Police have described the incident as the worst mass shooting incident on record.

However, CNN has quoted Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec as saying that it was not a terrorist attack because the shooter was a local man with a permit to own firearms.

It was reported that the shooter may have made contact with the crime news line of a TV station shortly before the attack at around 12:56pm local time Tuesday.

Pavel Lebudska, the Prima reporter who had received the call, said that the man “introduced himself [and] told me to send a crew to Uhersky Brod. He told me he was going to hurt a lot of people, that he had been bullied and that the authorities didn’t want to help him, therefore he was taking things into his own hands. He said he has a pistol and hostages, and would do things his own way.”

Rob Cameron, BBC’s correspondent in Prague, has stated that shootings like this are rare within the country. However, hunting is a popular past time and gun permits are quite common.

The shooter turned the gun on himself after his attack.