Abbott knights Prince Philip. Twitter responds.

For Australia Day in 2015, our venerable PM tried out his embarrassingly unpopular notion of appointing Knights and Dames of Australia. Of course, there were no dames on this sacred Australian day.

The first honouree was former Defence Force Chief Angus Houston. No problems here on social media: Houston, despite having immigrated to Australia as an adult, served in the armed forces for over 40 years. He was honoured with an Order of Australia in 2003, and since his retirement in 2011 he has contributed to the Anzac Centenary Advisory board and the Council for the Order of Australia.

“Successive governments have relied on Sir Angus’s wisdom, judgment and character… Throughout his life, Sir Angus has put Australia first.”

If only the same could be said for Queen Elizabeth’s husband Prince Philip. His many gaffes, blunders, and elitist comments have been well chronicled. He appears to carry little to no affection for Australia.

Some commentators believed this news was a prank or a joke. Twitter’s response ranged from baffled, to amusing, to wildly depressing. The question remains: Fair Dinkum? What was Abbott thinking?




Some highlights from the list:

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