Bethesda E3 2015 Press Conference News Roundup

Shooting out of the barricade with a bang came newcomers to E3 Bethesda ready and raring to show off a bunch of news and footage of its upcoming games. The company had already announced it’s big hitter Fallout 4 ahead of the press conference but still had much more to reveal; demons, chainsaws, swords, ghouls, magic and IOS vaults.


Doom is back with a bad new attitude. If there was any doubt before about the fourth installment of the long running series then all doubts were cast aside during the presentation. Immediately the audience breathed a sigh of relief as Doom was revealed to be ridiculously gory in the first few seconds of the trailer. With old school themes mixed into the current gen, graphics ghouls and demons were torn, ripped and shattered in high definition. Nostalgic weapons such as the chainsaw and super shotgun had their fair share of screen time.

Along with the reveal of the stand alone game came the announcement of a creation tool created in the idea of modding and allowing new game designers to refine their art. Bethesda is known for their friendly approach to modding, both on PC and soon on the Xbox One, the newest Doom is no exception. Snapmap is a simple system for users to create their own maps and environments available on all platforms to share.


In between Bethesda’s long standing series announcements came the sequel to the 2012 game Dishonored. While fans have always suspected a sequel the biggest news from the announcement was the dual main characters up for play. Players are going to be able to switch between the original protagonist Corvo Attano and his ward Emily Kaldwin all grown up.


Bethesda’s own melee based team fortress two was teased during the event. The five classes were showcased as a third person melee team combat game. Bethesda’s upcoming multiplayer action game will enter beta later this year world round.


The Elder Scrolls series is now a card game. Not surprisingly Bethesda is jumping on the virtual card game bandwagon with their own edition of Hearthstone. Not much was shown in the teaser during the press conference, it is a free-to-play strategy card game based on the fantasy series Elder Scrolls. Some point later this year to be released on PC and iPad.



Fallout Shelter is an adorable mobile game launched immediately after the press conference on IOS. As the overseer of your own post-apocalyptic vault, responsible for keeping the inhabitants alive and happy. Thankfully the game is not pay to win as the advertising venue of the game for the next Fallout covers the costs. Genius Chris Plante called Fallout Shelter a cross between SimTower and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The free release app avoids the irritating paywalls and leaves behind an engaging and fun experience.



It’s been over 7 years since Fallout 3 and now the long-awaited Fallout 4 has been announced for November 10th. While the trailer was released prior to the event many of the content revealed in the presentation answered fans questions about the upcoming release. More game play and development information were shown – crafting is now a big component and life now begins before the nukes fall. Those of you who have not pre-ordered can look forward to the Pip-boy edition that includes a full sized real life Pip-boy, correlating with the free app released on November 10th with the game’s release.