Civil War will blow your mind!

Captain America: Civil War Review

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By Ben Kohler, @FakeBenKohler

Rating: 9.5/10



Captain America: Civil War is the third Captain America film and the second directed by the Russo Brothers and it will blow your freaking mind!

It follows the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron. The premise is that over the years, the public and governments have grown worried about the number of super-heroes popping up and causing destruction. Instead of telling them all to hang up their capes a compromise is reached by the United Nations. A panel would oversee all the actions of the Avengers so as to reduce the chances of destruction, similar to the events in New York and Sokovia.



Ultron turned part of a Sokovian city into a meteor. Image via


Iron Man agrees with this and takes the position that everyone needs to sign these accords and work under this UN panel. Captain America disagrees and believes that although they have not done the job perfectly, the world is still a safer place thanks to them.

The most impressive thing about this film is simply that it is what it is, it did what it had to do, and it is so damn good. It had to be the third Captain America film, it had to be an unofficial third Avengers film and it also had to take the major points of the story from the Civil War comics and make a really good film out of all of this.

Another recent super-hero film, Batman v Superman, showed us how terribly wrong cramming too much in can go if it is not done well. Civil War on the other hand shows us how amazing the end result can be if you can rise to the challenge in a truly spectacular way. Civil War is not a movie with a whole bunch of stuff going on that is supposed to come together in some way but just doesn’t, it is a film with different stories and arcs that all come together to form one cohesive film with one actual story.

One of the best things about Civil War is Spider-Man. I feel confident enough to say that this was the best on-screen Spider-Man we’ve ever seen. Andrew Garfield was a good Spider-Man, bad Peter Parker. Toby Maguire was a great Spider-Man, pretty good Peter Parker. The Spider-Man we got in Civil War was so good and Tom Holland made such an amazing (hah!) Spider-Man and Peter Parker. This is the Spider-Man straight from the comics. The character as both Peter Parker and Spidey, the general look of the suit, his age, everything is taken straight from the comics and put onto the screen, it is not someone else’s interpretation of the character.

Another great pro about the film is that it is not at all black and white. No one is completely, or even mostly, right or wrong. You understand where Cap and Iron Man are coming from and they do both have strong points to make irrespective of the flaws in both of their arguments. No matter whose side you are on, you at least sympathise with the other side.

The final pro I’ll discuss is maybe the single greatest scene in comic book movie history; the fight scene at the air-port! We saw all these characters, new and old to the franchise, come together in an incredibly entertaining way that made the kid in me jump up and down and scream his little head off. You just have to see it, words can’t do it justice. It’s freaking awesome!

There are really only two small problems with the film, problems that could have been larger if the film weren’t so strong. The first is the villain, Col. Helmut Zemo. The character works well enough but the issue is that he did not really need to be there. The film could have been done without him and been just as good, if not even better. It simply would have been one less thing the film needed to worry about.

The second is that Pietro Maximoff, aka Quicksilver, is never mentioned. Wanda and Pietro have been all alone since their parents died when they were 10. All they had for years was each other, and when someone that close to you dies, you would think you would still be talking about them in your second film appearance. Although the film does allow sufficient time for character development, and Scarlet Witch certainly gets her share, it seems more consideration could have been given to how Wanda is dealing with the loss of her brother.

All up Civil War is ludicrously entertaining and funny, filled with great action, character development and acting, you absolutely can’t miss seeing it. Don’t forget to stick around for the post-credits scene! People will laugh at you if you don’t.