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Trend to try- chokers.

Chokers have well and truly become a craze as of late. Perfectly snapped and styled on Instagram, seen in almost every shop window, resting on the collarbones of hundreds of girls, it’s practically impossible to escape the choker fad. Here’s a few ways you can rock a choker this winter..

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Trend to Try—White jeans.

If you’re anything like me, the mere thought of wearing white jeans fills you with dread. In fact, wearing any colour other than black is enough to make me tremble. White is not the most forgiving colour and is quite a daring shade for jeans, so many people are reluctant.

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Image via Instagram. Credit: @missguided

Trend to try- all beige everything.

The views expressed in this post are of my own, and are not reflected by the Tertangala or the University of Wollongong. Beige seems to be the trend du jour. From matte coffin nails, lipsticks, naked dresses, heels (lace up stilettos, of course), everyone’s paring it back for that barely-there shade..

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