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Fashion for Students – The Lazy Look

Waking up on the first day of uni, I’d like to think I wasn’t the only one who stood agitated in front of a closet, wondering what I should wear. I need to make it clear; this was not because I was dressing to impress. It’s more due to the unpredictable Wollongong weather. I’m a proud endorser of the UOW  fashion-forward lazy look.

Sorry to break it to you. Image via pinterest


Let’s take it back to the beginning. University can be quite a daunting experience. This includes what to wear. I remember my first week, I was trying to spot ugg boots on another student, in the hope that
wearing my own was socially acceptable. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any. I did notice some brave barefoot students, but I didn’t dare to follow that trend.

I’m now into my third year at university, and my lazy look has been a success up until this point in my degree. By the time you get to third year, you tend to know most of the people around you in your area of study. The fear of judgement lessens. Chances are, they’ll be in jeans and a hoodie too! Let’s face it, two minutes of extra sleep time is worth losing two minutes of getting ready time.

So to the new students of UOW, help has arrived. Here are a few tips if you’re struggling with what to wear to university.



Don’t over do it.

Cheap and comfortable are the two categories my clothing must tick to see the light of day on main campus. If you’re preparing for university as if you were going on a date, you’re going to most likely sit in class feeling uncomfortable. Facebook and spending the lecture trying to connect to the Internet is distracting enough, without having to worry about your comfort. When getting ready in the morning, consider what clothing you would wear around the house on a lazy day, then take that to a ‘being in public’ level. For example, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt work well with a pair of volleys or sandals. It’s simple, casual and comfortable.


Take ‘around the house’ wear to a public arena when it comes to what to wear to university. image via


Give yourself a trial run. This way you will be able to put together outfits that you know will make your day run as smooth as possible. Shoes that cause blisters, clothes that leave marks on your body from tightness or jeans that make you need to do a dance to pull them up are clothes you should avoid. Look for comfortable, fitting clothes, that make walking around campus and sitting for long periods of time easier. I have a class this semester that runs for up to seven hours. It’ll be practical, which means clothing that is light and easy will be what I choose each week. This particular class asks me to dress ‘professionally’, and this isn’t an uncommon request at university. It’s simple dress casually with a little more thought, and make sure you’ve run a brush through your hair too. Look clean and presentable, otherwise you will attract attention for the wrong reasons.



Put away items like your mini skirts and heavy handbags packed to the brim. University is minimal. I tend to carry around a backpack, and if I need to wear a skirt I ensure it is comfortable to sit and walk in. Makeup is another practice worth skipping. Sure some mornings I use it to make me feel more presentable, but natural and minimal is key. Light coverage from foundation, concealer and mascara is all I reach for. If I feel lazy, I might just use the mascara. Leave the Kardashian contouring to the weekend, and bring a lip-gloss or pawpaw cream out to play.

Blake Lively nails the natural makeup look every time. Image via tumblr


There really is nobody to impress. I’ve found I get more out of a lecture or a tutorial when I’m dressed comfortably. When I wear a face full of makeup, I feel nothing but anxiety, worrying that it could need touching up. When I wear even the slightest midriff, I am constantly pulling it down to cover up the donut I ate for lunch. When I wear the wrong shoes, I am regretting the decision with every step I take.

Whether you’re wearing a cute, yet comfortable dress, or a pair of tights with your favourite hoodie, just know I think you look fantastic. University is not a fashion parade, and at no point in your time there will you ever see a Victoria Secret model strutting across the McKinnon lawn ready to put your lazy look to shame. I promise you.

Embrace your own lazy look, and remember it’s your obligation to find your own lazy look, otherwise you’ll be showing every other student up. A university that dresses together, succeeds together.