Intense Fashion for an Intense Topic

Every queen needs an army, and that’s exactly what Queen B came equipped with in her performance at the super bowl 50 half-time show. The commander of the army in black and gold, Bey sung ‘I slay, okay’ with no one ready to contest her. Her incredible half-time performance of her new song ‘Formation’ follows the release of her music video over the weekend. The music video is to date, one of her most politically powerful pieces.

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The music video is a powerful piece of artistry using subliminal imagery to convey her passion. We all know Beyoncé as the proud feminist, and she weaves in an underlying theme of togetherness to highlight that. She uses imagery, music, dance and fashion to place her opinion into the biggest debate about police brutality and race relations in modern day. She traces the roots of Louisiana’s culture from the post-abolition era to present day, showcasing style and history at the same time. She also gives us a rare sighting of her daughter Blue, showing that slaying is genetic in that family.

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Her lyrics have a personal focus however; her music video has a much wider focus. We watch Beyoncé in a Gucci high collared dress with combat boots. She stands on a floating police car, with the devastation of which Katrina caused to the city of New Orleans behind her. We watch a young boy dance in front of a squadron of police officers. We watch a man with a newspaper in his grasp, Dr King accompanied with the headline ‘More than a Dream’ on the front page. We see a wall, graffitied with the words ‘stop shooting us’. She definitely makes her position clear.

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Designer clothing is everywhere in the music video, and it truly adds to the beauty and artistry. Her Gucci dress from the 2016 spring collection, as mentioned, with the high collar is to die for. Beyoncé immediately grabs you and holds you until she is ready to let you go as more wholesome.

The clothing includes custom monogramed Gucci bodysuits for her dancers conveying togetherness, a frilly high neck white laced look by Zimmerman, an off-the-shoulder black lace dress by Givenchy, paired with layered Dylan Lex jewellery. If Beyoncé wasn’t a style icon on your list before, you’ll be adding her after watching.

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Getting inspiration from these looks, and encompassing them into your own style aesthetic might get you somewhat close to her level of amazing. Try layered jewellery, not shying away from bold colours, welcome lace and bring back the combat boots for winter. Beyoncé is all about making a statement and being noticed without trying. However, effort for us peasants is required to attempt a Queen B, Sasha Fierce look. Although we might not be able to all afford Gucci on a university budget, achievable and affordable can be done. You can even simply recreate what she rocked in the parking lot scene. A simple pair of metallic booty shots with an acid-washed denim. Please be warned, getting the accompanied army which she had in this scene might be not so achievable.

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Despite two teams today on the field, it’s obvious that the only one winner who stepped out onto the field was Queen B. You could tell that Bruno Mars was fearful as soon as that intense dance battle broke out between the two. ‘Don’t believe me just watch’ can’t contend with ‘I slay’. Bruno please be seated, because you were just outdanced by the Queen.