O week 2015

O week 2015 ran over three days. The weather loomed on Tuesday, day 1, but never broke. In fact, the sun eventually came out to play, letting students make use of those beach chairs on the Duck Pond Lawn. Bands played, and free food was everywhere, from sausage sizzles, to fairy floss, to popcorn, and national delicacies like Greek coffee and Chinese tea.

Baxter the duck had a dance to some rockin’ tunes, the put-put golf was set up near those funny kangaroo statues, and acoustic singers gave medley after medley of hits. The CSE team worked tirelessly to ensure every stall was a safe, fun affair. CSE Entertainment Organiser Kayla Berry told me that O-Week had taken 3 months of work to prepare! Over 60 clubs and societies were involved, with 25 services and commercial stalls jumping on board.

Day 2: Wednesday? More like Wet day! The CSE’s wet weather plan had its time to shine – we all went indoors and upstairs in Building 11. Luckily, there was still food (Brazilian dishes, anyone?) and drink (blend your own smoothie by riding a bike!) and tunes (Come mr DJ, pon de replay) for our O-week consumption. CSE contributor Alan said, “It’s been going really well. In terms of coming inside… everyone pulled together!”

Day 3 saw the balance of the universe restored as the last stalls were outside again. The Tertangala distributed 700 of its 800 copies over the three days. The UOW Feminist Society got over 50 sign ups – praise BeyoncĂ©. And new students survived being buried alive with flyers and freebies. May the session commence!

Here’s our photo gallery of Day 1 and 2 :)