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Jillaroos stars, Kezie Apps, Captain Ruan Sims and Maddie Studdon, with the Women's World Cup at Cronulla Beach
Theresa May could face a difficult parliament in the next five years.
NSW Blues 2017

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Revealed: Federal Police forestall Media under Crimes Act.

Yesterday morning it was revealed that journalists who have reported on the federal government’s asylum seeker operations have been repeatedly referred to the Australian federal police. The referrals are purportedly intended to avoid “the unauthorised disclosure of commonwealth information” in relation to the government’s asylum seeker operations and immigration policies..

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Why #Tay4Hottest100 is actually important

It started as joke, says writer Mark Di Stefano, but his hashtag #Tay4Hottest100 has blown up. Di Stefano made a quick Buzzfeed article humming with faux-concern over Ms. Swifts’ absence from the annual Triple J voting page. “There’s a blank space, now write her name” he quipped effortlessly. He wasn’t prepared.

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