Pretty Little NO!


When a good friend of mine first introduced me to the TV series Pretty Little Liars, I was hooked. The combination of mystery, murder, and great fashion: what wasn’t to love? I spent many long days and nights agonising about the plot, drawn into the storyline as if it were my own life. My jaw may as well have been super-glued to the floor for the first four seasons—they were brilliant and heart stopping.

Because two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

But I have to say it’s gotten pretty darn out of hand.

I quit the series I loved so much as soon as I began to watch the controversial fifth season. Specifically, I watched the first two episodes. My reaction: what the actual fuck. And the announcement a few days ago on who exactly A is only enraged me further.

All this time, we’ve been fed the idea of A, and an A-team, if you will. Season five, we find out it’s more like an A-army, which I find incredibly hard to believe. Aside from Alison, the main characters are not bad people. They’re your average fifteen-year-old teenagers (except for Aria, who sleeps with her teacher — why does no one else have a problem with this?!). They certainly don’t deserve the wrath of an A-army, which want to cause them physical bodily harm.

If A is supposed to be obsessed with Alison, why would he threaten her?

Reasons for harming Alison, I totally get. She was, to put it politely, a cow, and even caused another class member to lose her eyesight—but not before blaming the dastardly act on another main character.

Furthermore, are we expected to believe that this fifteen-year-old was genius enough to outwit the police, detective agencies and the psychopathic A, while still sneaking around helping her friends? I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure if someone wanted to kill you, that is not how you would act.

And here we have it folks: who is the mysterious, psychotic A?

Conveniently, it’s a character everyone seemingly forgot about; Charles, Jason’s twin brother, who was obsessed with Alison.

This reveal honestly makes me glad I stopped watching the fifth season after two episodes. Apparently, there’s also going to be a sixth season. Who knows what contradictory ideas will appear?

Maybe it will be great. Maybe it will explain it all and fill all these holes. Maybe it will sate my desire for rationality.

Or maybe not.

Pretty Little Liars? More like pretty little NO!