WUSA President Sam Tedeschi casts his vote

Provisional results indicate WUSA splitting from the NUS

Note: the author of this piece serves on the WUSA council in accordance of Tertangala Coordinator requirements.

Provisional results from the WUSA referendum to split from the NUS have been announced, with 24 votes to separate from the organisation and only three votes to remain affiliated.

The vote was non-compulsory, with approximately a third of all WUSA members participating in the referendum.

The NUS were present during the vote, trying to get people to vote in favour of remaining affiliated.

There is a possibility for an appeal to be lodged, however it must be filed within 5 academic days, state the reasons for the objection and request a specific solution.

If this is not done, the official results will be declared after the close of business Wednesday, 10 August 2016.

Voting closed at 3:30PM today.

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