Roosh V - literal human scum

Roosh V cancels ‘Return of Kings’ meet up

The views expressed in this post are of my own, and are not reflected by the Tertangala or the University of Wollongong.

All social media has been able to talk about lately is Daryush Valizadeh, who goes by the alias ‘Roosh V’ and his morally derelict views on women.

Roosh V is a charming creature who is the leader of a neo-masculinist group called Return of Kings, which aside from being an insult to Lord of the Rings fans everywhere, is a group that thrives on the idea that women are second-class citizens who are in their natural state when obeying the orders of men, that a woman’s value is determined by her fertility and attractiveness and that rape should be made legal on private property.

Now Roosh V has been peddling his misogynistic drivel online for several years. Most recently however, he has caused outrage for encouraging his army of online followers to meet up in various locations around Australia to share their views on how women were inferior and how they are entitled to rape them.

Roosh made it very clear in the invitations for the meet ups that women, gay men and trans men were not invited. So apart from further demonstrating that he was a terrible person, he was also making it potentially very dangerous for women, gay men and trans men to be around those areas at that time because the meeting places chosen were incredibly public places in Australia’s major cities.

Naturally the idea that a bunch of pro-rape advocates meeting up in popular areas around Australia’s major cities didn’t go down particularly well with the rest of civilised society. Every major news station expressed their disgust, as did basically everyone with a moral compass on social media. Even immigration Minister Peter Dutton expressed his distaste about Roosh V trying to enter the country and stated that his chances of trying to enter the country were unlikely.

As usual, the one person to shed the most sense on the whole situation was Waleed Aly, who said what really needed to be said. To paraphrase, this man is a disgusting Internet troll, who feeds off the outrage of other people. What we need to do, is ignore him. Attempt not to feed on the outrage that he wants to spread.

But the problem with this idea, however, helpful to our own personal sanity, is that this man was known long before he tried to set foot on Australian shores. He already had a following of men who actually agreed with his ideas and were willing to meet up and discuss the benefits of women being subservient to men and no longer voting. And if we learned anything from V for Vendetta, you cannot kill an idea.

Unfortunately, this poor excuse for a human being has spread his hateful ideas. So what do we do know?

Roosh has cancelled his meetings around Australia, much to the joy of anyone with a soul and probably much to the distaste of his followers. But what about all the angry misogynist minions? Will they retaliate against the mean feminists who stopped their hate rally? Or will they skulk back behind their computer screens and comb their neckbeards in angst? Only time will tell.

So I think this probably says something good in general about the majority of society, that the general response to this terrible group of men has been acutely negative. So all we can do at this stage is to use this awful situation as an opportunity to talk, as a society and a country about how was want to treat women. As human beings and equals, or as lower individuals, seen through the eyes of a misogynistic douche on the Internet.

Let’s use this as an opportunity for growth, and rise above the rage.