Taylor Swift makes Wildest Fashion Dreams come True

Items from Taylor Swift’s new fashion line from the company Heritage66 were showcased on Monday at Hong Kong Fashion Week. The line caused not only fans to freak, but the fashion world too. Fashion week was used as exposure for her line with future hopes of landing her collection in stores. Chief operating officer of Heritage66 Kate Liegey said while she couldn’t provide exact sale figures to the public, the line is seeing “phenomenal” success in its first few weeks of life.

It is only available online at shops, such as, allowing fans to get the Taylor look at reasonable prices. Finally, it’s Taylor Swift-related clothing that goes beyond the average concert t-shirt. But, wait the worst is yet to come. Consumers will have to overcome shipping costs. The company is based in China, and was originally created to combat counterfeits. The ability to get legitimate merchandise was an issue Swift has recently been combating aggressively. Considering her long famous legs are insured for $40 million, no one should want to mess with such a killer squad leader.

image via WWD

Pieces were sent down the runway with models wearing that red lip classic thing that we like to the beat of some of her catchiest songs, such as ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Shake It Off’. It is her first line which include 30-pieces. Prices range from $40-$70, before added shipping costs.

Despite the fact Swift was not in attendance, her pieces are true to the Swift style. Fans no longer need to attempt to achieve her look based on items out of their own closet. Crop tops, high waisted, flouncy skirts, cropped pants and clothing with some of her lyrics on them are items to look forward to. The best part of this line is that it’s seasonless.

“Everybody wants the line,” Kate Liegey stated.

She added that hundreds of retailers from places such as Dubai, Uruguay and Mexico expressed interest.

It’s impossible for T-Swift to forget us Aussies though, right? How could she possibly forget a crowd of 76,000 people, losing their cool after she announces her arrival with a ‘hello Sydney’ before launching into her song ‘Welcome to New York’ at her ANZ stadium concert.

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