The internet is angry

For what may be the first time, Steam has come to know the wrath of an internet scorned. In reply to the joint work of top video game publishing companies, Bethesda and Valve, in monetizing the already free content of modding – the internet was not impressed.

The venture was announced on the 23rd of April, launching with Bethesda’s highly successful RPG ‘Skyrim’ due to the copious amount of community based content already created. The content allowed users to tailor the game to their own preferences; the modifications pricing was intended to be determined by the content creators themselves. The profits were intended to go towards the modders themselves, creating a way for contributors and modders to earn a living doing what they love. Only the modders would only attain 25% of this revenue.

After four days of harsh online criticism, the two distressed companies pulled the plug on the idea, thankfully refunding all proceeds paid during this time. The main reason behind the backpedal was due to the sheer amount of money lost since the announcement. It is rumoured millions of potential sales were lost and their credibility harmed. While that money can be made back in time, the black mark against beloved Valve and Bethesda may not be forgotten so soon.

This instance has shown something we shall not forget soon – the internet is a powerful voice.