The Paper Kites Performing at the Heritage Hotel

Christina Lacy the ‘’fashionista’’, Sam Rasmussen the ‘’thinks he’s a magician’’ bass player, Dave Powys the ‘’airhead’’ and lead singer Sam Bentley aka ‘’pretty boy’’. This is how drummer Josh Bentley, sums up the exciting, indie folk band, The Paper Kites.

With an international tour under their belt and time spent refining their stage performance, the band now have their sights set on their advancing Australian circuit, which will see them playing in Wollongong on 1st June at the Bulli Heritage Hotel. ‘’We are going to engage with visual senses as well as sound, by amping up stage production with different types of lighting. We have also revamped some of our older songs, which fans will hopefully appreciate,’’ said Bentley.

The up-and-coming Melbourne band have enjoyed a whirlwind six months since the release of their debut album, States, reigning in at #17 on the ARIA charts and received a number of accolades for the single Young. The Paper Kites also recently finished their North American tour playing alongside City and Colour.

‘’City and Colour were awesome to tour with and were really professional, but also super friendly, which was a highlight of their tour’’. The bands got so friendly in fact that at one point on the tour, Green took his shirt off and explained one by one, the significance behind each of his tattoos. ‘’We saw all of America in a little, black van road tripping for seven weeks. We played a show almost every night in amazing venues with enthusiastic crowds of over 2000 people.’’

Later in the year, the Paper Kites will be heading to the Ottawa Bluesfest, performing alongside the likes of Lady Gaga. Bentley joked ‘’if Christina and Gaga meet they can talk all things fashion, although their fashion is on pretty opposite ends of the spectrum. Christina probably wouldn’t be seen wearing a dress made of raw meat.”

The band is proud of the reception their music has received, from a vast variety of age groups as their popularity continues to grow. ‘’We are used to younger people being into Justin Bieber and hip hop, but we find that every time we don’t put on an underage show, the younger crowds get up in arms and we get in trouble. You’d expect that our music would typically attract indie and triple J type listeners, but our audience is always changing which is pretty cool. Even my grandparents listen to our music,’’ says Bentley.

Don’t miss your chance to see The Paper Kites performing their much-loved old, new, and most popular songs.



By Lewis Aramayo and Callum Downes

Image Caption: Left to Right – David Powys, Sam Bentley, Sam Rasmussen, Christina Lacy, Josh Bentley.