The star signs as UOW coffee shops

Leo and Aries- Panizzi

Social butterfly Leo loves Panizzi’s makeover, but not half as much as they love the people watching, being seen by everyone in return, and running into literally everyone they know.

Aries are all about energy, activity and impulsivity, making Panizzi the perfect place for a spontaneous catch up or a much-needed coffee run to break up those long library sessions.

 Pisces and Capricorn- Rush

Sweet and sensitive Pisces loves Rush coffee and the cute little benches under the trees- which are perfect to sit and sip. Pisces are also very social and nurturing, making the tables a good option for a coffee amongst friends.

Capricorns are no-nonsense and ambitious. They want a solid coffee that will taste good and give them caffeine. Rush consistently deliver very adequate coffees and the lines are reasonable, which is why Capricorn keeps coming back.

Gemini and Sagittarius- Rush 2

Geminis are always on the go, so the “coffee-stand” vibe of Rush 2 is perfect to grab that cap and go.

Sagittarius are cheerful and carefree, so they love grabbing a warm Rush 2 coffee before strolling along the McKinnon lawn. The free-spirited Sagittarius doesn’t even mind the ducks, bless their cotton socks.

Libra and Aquarius- Espresso Warriors

Libra love to be in harmony with their surroundings and value serenity, which is why Espresso Warriors is a great option for them to relax and enjoy the cute café vibes.

Aquarius’ tend to be very communicative and love interacting with people, which makes Espresso Warriors perfect for catching up with friends over coffee and hangover burgers

Scorpio and Virgo- The Yard

Scorpio tend to have a bit of a temper and are intolerant of other people (sorry). That’s why you suit The Yard, the lines tend to be shorter and its outdoor environment mean less noise and less people to get in your way.

Virgo’s are very down to earth and no-nonsense, so they probably study Engineering anyway and have all their classes right by The Yard anyway. Go figure.

 Cancer and Taurus- Out for Lunch *

Cancers are known for valuing safety and comfort, which is why Out For Lunch is the perfect cosy café for you. Tucked away in building 11, it has a homey, reassuring vibe that you know and love.

The typical Taurus strives for security and relaxation, so you enjoy the cute sit-down tables and the way it’s sheltered from a lot of the uni bustle.

*Out For Lunch has recently been renamed as Gypsy Jones since this article was written.

Feature image credit: sabonhomeblog.tumblr.com