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Trend to try- chokers.

Chokers have well and truly become a craze as of late. Perfectly snapped and styled on Instagram, seen in almost every shop window, resting on the collarbones of hundreds of girls, it’s practically impossible to escape the choker fad. Here’s a few ways you can rock a choker this winter.

  1. Pick your style

A choker is basically a necklace that sits tightly around your neck, sounds simple, right? Well, the modern take on the choker means that there are any number of different styles available. Here’s a list of some of the most popular styles, just pick your favourite!

  • Plain and simple—just a band around the neck in varying fabrics, metals, colours and thicknesses
  • Tattoo choker—yes, these are back from the 90’s! Although we once wore this in every colour of the rainbow, I’d stick to black or white for a modern take on the look
  • Jewelled choker—a variation on the basic choker and tattoo choker, but with bling. Mostly, these are seen with a single gemstone or charm at the front, like a star or moon.
  • Suede wrap choker—normally looped around the neck twice, knotted at the front and left with the strand dangling
  • Dainty chokers—perhaps the easiest to wear, these are normally simple chains that sit at varying lengths on your neck and chest. Wear one on its own or layer them up if you’re feeling daring!

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  1. Now what?

Now you’ve picked your favourite style, it’s time to see it in action! Because a choker draws attention to your neck, you want to let it be seen—no scarves, turtlenecks or high necklines! Try pairing your chokers with off-the-shoulder or deep V-cut shirts, dresses and playsuits for maximum impact. If you must wear something with a higher cut, try making it a fabric relatively close to your skin colour so your neck-candy still stands out.

  1. Choker clothes

Perhaps the easiest way of all to wear a choker is to buy clothes with the choker attached!

There are thousands of dresses, playsuits and shirts on the market that are made with a choker around the neck. Normally these will either be very low-cut or bare a lot of décolletage, so don’t sweat it if it’s not your style!


Feature image via Instagram. Credit: @bardot