TV shows to scare your socks off!

Lately, the creepy seems to have taken hold. You know those TV shows that have you on edge? You can hear your heart beating in your chest and you know something terrible is going to happen, but you just can’t pinpoint when it’s going to happen. And yet, you keep watching.

Here are my top 5 creepy/thriller TV shows:

1. Pretty Little Liars

Some will say this is a pretty girly show, but to be terrorised via your phone in an age where we begin to panic if our phone dies on us when we’re out? To be stalked relentlessly, to be blackmailed and to never know when the next attack will come . . . well, wouldn’t that be enough to frighten you?


2. Scream (TV show)
Based on the popular films, dragging a single horror movie out through 10 episodes just prolongs the suspense of when the serial killer will attack and lengthens the suspect pool. Who can you trust when you can trust no one?


3. Jessica Jones
Probably one of the darker portrayals of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jessica Jones follows heroine of the same name as she tries to take down the man who controlled all of her actions and thoughts for a year. Not only is Kilgrave stomach-turning, but also the fear he puts in his victims is earth-shattering.


4. Bates Motel
A prequel to Psycho, this show follows Norman Bates and his mother as they open up the hotel that will eventually become a scene of horrors. Will that happen sooner than expected?


5. How To Get Away With Murder
A bunch of law students commit a crime and use their education to cover up their tracks? Just whom are they protecting? How far are they willing to go to keep their secret?


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