Wargaming Labs: Jumping into the indie scene

Wargaming invests in the Indie market.

If you were playing games back in the 90’s then the name “Wargaming” is probably familiar to you. The company produced much loved titles like, World of Tanks, World of Warships and Masters of Orion. Older computer gamers and real time strategy fans would be familiar with most of these games but those of us who were born in the last few decades are only just catching up with Wargaming for the first time.

The international company is now moving away from their standard real time strategy games and taking a chance on the indie market. Due to their successful online promotions the company decided to expand their social media presence in order to tap into the potential for engagement offered by a community of fans.

In (what seems to be) a stroke of genius Wargaming has created Wargaming Labs a hub for interaction with the indie market.. The Labs encourage innovation, where small developers can showcase what they’ve got and have a chance to have their game or pitch be picked up and developed in-house. In these labs, the best are working to breed new ideas and solutions along with those who have an idea, with opportunity to shine and talent to nurture.

The new Masters of Orion title was an indie build that Wargaming jumped on due to the build reminding the original creator Steve Barcia of his own work. It was from this experience that Wargaming Labs was spawned.

The Labs aim to test and implement new projects from within Wargaming or from the community online. WG Labs has been created to support external development teams in the game creation stages and publishing. This is extraordinary as companies are beginning to invest in an idea long pushed for by the gaming community: that through collaboration something amazing can be created.

If you have an idea or new game prototype then head on over to Wargaming Labs and make your dreams true.