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What are turmeric lattés and why should you be drinking them?

2016 has seen a lot of superfood trends; açai bowls , bone broth, matcha in almost everything … But one that I’ve gotten on board with is the turmeric latte, a.k.a “a dirty golden”. Turmeric has long been praised for its anti-inflammatory benefits and can be used to treat numerous ailments, as well as being great for the skin. I’ve personally used turmeric as a face mask, teeth whitener, taken curcumin (the active component in the turmeric plant) as a vitamin to help reduce inflammation- under the care of my doctor of course.


Turmeric latte recipes differ between cafés, however the staples are ginger, cinnamon and of course turmeric powder, which is ground from the root of the turmeric plant. Various milks like coconut, almond, mylk and cows milk are then heated and added to the spices, along with a dash of honey to taste. The pre-mixed spices can also be purchased online or at various health-food stores for those of you who like to DIY, or want to save a few dollars. Coffee enthusiasts will note that the turmeric latte actually contains no coffee which makes the term ‘latte’ a bit of a misnomer, however the sweet and spicy taste more than makes up for it.



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Feature image via Instagram. Credit @thegreatfull.