Will WUSA part ways with the NUS?


  • The author of this piece is on the WUSA council and has been asked to write this announcement on behalf of the council.
  • Peter Munford, whilst a former WUSA President, also currently serves as NUS National Small and Regional Officer. The views he expresses are his own and are not reflective of the NUS.

The Wollongong Undergraduate Students’ Association has announced a referendum for members to disaffiliate with the National Union of Students.

The question posed will be: Do you agree that the Wollongong Undergraduate Students’ Association should remain a member of the National Union of Students Incorporated?

WUSA President Sam Tedeschi referenced the expensive membership fee, lack of clarity to services the NUS provide, lack of transparency and increasingly violent tactics of the group as the reason they want to disaffiliate.

Mr Tedeschi said, “They are not representative of the wider student body and the NUS does absolutely nothing for the students of UOW.

The 2016 WUSA Council is committed to actually working for students and improving the student experience – something that the NUS should attempt for a change.”

The NUS website states that the, “NUS fights for affordable, quality education, better living standards for students, and making our campuses safer for all.”

Former WUSA President 2015 Peter Munford said, “As a former President of WUSA, I am very disappointed to see WUSA attempting to disaffiliate from NUS. During my two years with WUSA, first as Secretary then President we always engaged with NUS as they have the ability to represent students on a national stage, and put student issues at the forefront of policy discussion.”

Mr. Munford does not believe that this disaffiliation is a wise move on behalf of WUSA, insisting that by disaffiliating, it would deny UOW students to engage with the NUS and stand up for their education.

“I urge UOW students to vote Yes to NUS affiliation and reject the pathetic arguments from these Liberal students. NUS is your voice at a national level, do not allow them to take it away from you,” he concluded.

The referendum will be held from August 1st until the 3rd at the WUSA Office.


Voting times are:

Monday: 5:30pm-10:30pm
Wednesday: 10:30am-3:30pm*


only WUSA members can vote


UPDATE 30/7/16 -times have changed since original post