Winter is here – whatever shall we do?

So, I am one of those rare souls that prefer winter. I hate the heat. I burn easily and car seats stick to my skin in the most unpleasant ways. In celebration of the first day of winter, here are some of my favourite things:

Winter fashion

Seriously, there is nothing better than fuzzy coats and knitted jumpers and layering! It is so easy to be warm and stylish in the winter, compared to summer where it’s like, ‘I need to wear shoulder sleeves because burning but is way too hot and staying inside for the rest of my life may be my only option because this is rubbish.’


Yes, I had to bring it back to food somehow. Soups are the best in winter. Don’t even deny it. They are filling and easy to freeze if you can’t be bothered to cook every night – or if you don’t want to pay for lunch at uni!


Things to do

Ice-skating? Vivid? Museums? Bars that sell warm alcohol? These are all very winter activities and they are so much fun! Braving the cold to do things that are off limits during 9 months of the year with friends is one of my favourite parts about winter. There is always some kind of festival you can check out

The hope that you may see snow

Okay, I’ve never seen snow before, but every winter I hold out hope that by some winter miracle, it will. I know it’s illogical, and I know I could just go up to Threadbo or something – but have you seen New York in winter? I just dream of going to Hyde Park and it all being covered in snow. Is that too much to ask?


Flannel pyjamas

I know I already mentioned clothes, but pyjamas deserve a shout out all of their own! There is nothing better than getting home after a long day at uni or work and putting on flannelette pyjamas and Ugg boots. I don’t even care how nanna-ish that sounds. It is the perfect way to keep warm at night.

feature image via wikimedia

Note 4/6/16 – title change