Youtuber beats Dark Souls with bongo drums as controller

Dark Souls, you maddening beast. For one long summer you destroyed my sanity.

If you have neither played nor heard of Dark Souls, know this, it is, almost, literally impossible. The monsters aren’t just punishing they are also unbearably difficult. One small slip of the controller and you’re dead, and trust me, you will die a lot.

But none of this is a problem for prominent Youtube gamer, Bearzly, who beat the entirety of Dark Souls in under 6 hours, with less than 60 deaths, while using a pair of bongo drums as controllers. To give that some context, it took me over 150 hours to beat Dark Souls with what I would wager to be over 1,000 deaths. If this isn’t enough to dazzle you, you should look at the impressively impractical setup for the bongo controllers.

The bongos have three different presets, meaning that not all actions can be accessed at once. As someone who has played Dark Souls before, this seems like literally the worst set up possible. The game requires the quickest of reaction times, and with this set up I would have spent the entire 150 gameplay hours I had with Dark Souls within sight of the starting line.

When asked how the play through went, Bearzly replied “This was a pretty fun run!”, as if he hadn’t just beaten possibly the most difficult game ever created with a pair of old bongos as controllers. Most die hard Dark Souls fans would whimper and cry at the thought of such an endeavor. You Bearzly are a madman, I salute you.

You can watch Bearzly in action here at his Youtube Channel.